What is the largest diameter material you can turn?
Our turning capabilities include a 14-inch through bore capacity, 40-inch maximum swing, 10-foot maximum for full OD turning, and a 40-foot maximum material length for turning and threading.
Do you employ a quality management system?
We do! Our quality management system provides clear guidance and procedures for ensuring high quality service in all areas of Northwest Machine's business. Do you need a copy of our Quality Manual? It is available for download right here:
Quality Manual
What is the largest piece of material you can CNC mill?
Each of our 4-axis CNC milling centers have a maximum cutting area of 40" x 20" x 20" and a minimum of a 20-station tool changer. Depending on the project, we may be able to accomodate material longer than 40". Please give us a call if this is something you might be interested in.
How long have you been in business?
Northwest Machine Works was founded in 1949 in Kellogg, Idaho and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado in 1954.
Do you offer after hours (evening, weekend, etc.) machining?
We do offer after hours machining services. Please call us for an estimate. We are always happy to help, but in most instances After hours work is cost prohibitive to our customers. Here's why:
Due to our business type (manufacturing), OSHA requirements dictate we have no fewer than two (2) employees in the building any time work is being performed. This means bringing in at least two (2) employees at overtime (time-and-a-half) pay to work on your job. The hourly rate may be negotiable depending on a number of factors. As always, we encourage you call us for an estimate.
What is Northwest Machine's RUSH hourly rate?
Our RUSH rate is currently $157.50/hour.
The RUSH rate is only applied if we need to interrupt a job already in progress in order to complete your job. In many cases, we can adjust our production schedule to accomodate a "rush" job without applying the RUSH rate. It all depends on our current backlog and how quickly you need your job done.
What is Northwest Machine's STANDARD hourly rate?
Our STANDARD rate is currently $105/hour.
Can you repair/refinish/resurface the heads/cylinders on my car/truck?
No. We are classified as an industrial manufacturer and our insurance does not allow us to work on any critical component of a highway vehicle. We CAN and do build custom tail rolls for trailers and other similar work. However, for cylinder/head/wheel/axle work, there are several places in the Grand Valley that might be able to help.
Do you stock bearings? What brands do you carry?
We have a wide stock of brands here in the shop, including: Nachi, Schaeffler (FAG/INA), Timken, Dodge/Reliance, IPTCI mounted bearings, FYH mounted bearings, RBI and IKO to name a few. We also stock oil seals, v-belts, sheaves, bushings, chain, sprockets, couplings, orings, retaining rings and other industrial power transmission components.
Do you need a CAD drawing of something to build it?
In most cases, no. We can work with drawings, hand sketches, scribbles on napkins (assuming the scribbles are legible) and even just a verbal description on many items. As long as you know what you want made, the dimensions we need to hit for the machined piece, and the type of material the piece needs to be machined from, chances are pretty good we can help you.
I have an idea for a part, but I'm not sure about material/dimensions/application/etc. Can you help me design/build it?
We do offer prototyping services on a case-by-case basis. The time and cost involved in helping to design a product can be considerable, even before the CNC programming begins. Please give us a call. If your project falls within our scope of work, we will be happy to work up a rough estimate on the design, programming and manufacturing cost for you.
Do you ship products outside of the USA?
Yes. We do ship many of our products all over the world. There are a few product lines we distribute that cannot be shipped internationally due to restrictions placed on us by the manufacturer. If this is the case, we will always let you know as quickly as we can.
All shipments with an ultimate destination outside of the USA must be paid for in advance via wire transfer. We do not accept payment by credit card for international orders.
What are the terms & conditions on orders?
Per Northwest Machine Works, Inc. Packing and Delivery Slip, the Purchaser agrees to the following: Accounts payable 10th of the following month after purchase. 1.5% interest per month is charged over due accounts, not over 18% per annum. An additional $4.00 per month will be charged over due accounts for accounting. No ordered material can be returned unless OK with the written consent of the management with ten days. 30% will be deducted from purchase price of any returned material. Orders by phone not returnable. Purchaser liable for all reasonable court costs and attorney fees involved in collecting this amount. All accounts over 60 days are automatically referred to our attorney for collection. The above agreement is binding to customers receiving goods in or out of state.