Internal Casing Cutters

Expertly machined and assembled using a simple and effective design. Our unique casing cutters are easy to handle and the hydraulically activated, single-blade operation provides smooth and efficient cutting. Cutter blade replacement and maintenance are as frustration-free as possible.

To make these cutters more useful and practical, we designed our CCNWC (3”), CCHWC (4”) and CCPWC (5”) cutters with fully interchangeable internal components. In fact, the single difference between the three sizes is the heavy duty cutter body. This means there are fewer repair and replacement parts to buy and stock in order to run and maintain multiple cutter sizes.
Casing Cutters

Casing Cutter Kit

We offer a Casing Cutter Kit for each of the three sizes we currently manufacture: NWC (3”), HWC (4”) and PWC (5”). Each convenient kit is loaded with one complete casing cutter, fully assembled and ready for use, as well as a selection of spare parts. We pack it all securely in a hard-sided, key-locking case. This handy kit provides our customers with a great way to keep all of their cutter components together in one place. Spare parts included:

  • CC102: Set Screw (10)
  • CC103: Cutter Bit (3)
  • CC104: Connecting Link (1)
  • CC105: Piston (1)
  • CC106: Spring (1)
  • CC107: Pin Kit (1)